Police: Green Bay man arrested near Coal City for 70 grams of marijuana

Corey M Franklin Jr.[]

COAL CITY — Corey M. Franklin Jr., 25, of Green Bay, Wisconsin, was pulled over by a Grundy County Sheriff's deputy at 4:57 a.m. on Wednesday for what is described as "confused driving" by Sheriff Kevin Callahan.

When the deputy approached the vehicle near Carbon Hill Road, the deputy saw a blunt on the dashboard of the vehicle, police said.

The deputy asked Franklin if he had any more in his possession and Franklin admitted to having a baggie in the center counsole of the car, which weighed 20 grams, police said.

The deputy was given the right to search the vehicle and found a shoe box with an additional 50 grams of marijuana totaling 70 grams, police said.

Franklin was bonded out and given a court date of Nov. 27.