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How to clean house and improve life

Heidi Miller

New Year’s resolutions and lack of outdoor activities have all of us inside our houses thinking about cleaning and rearranging our homes and improving our lives. The Grundy County Land Use Department would like to provide some ideas that may help keep those types of activities clean and green for you and your family.

Organizing and cleaning closets, garage, and basements gives us an opportunity to give back to our Earth.

Making three piles for unwanted items does help:  One for items that are good enough to be re-used or purposed by others. Best use of items such as clothes, kitchen items and homewares is to get the best end life from them.

Understanding that each item should be functional and in good working order allows the donation organization to best repurpose that item. Second is to recycle the item. If it is paper, plastic, metal or glass, it is recyclable and should be recycled instead of being placed in a landfill unused. Third items, as a last resort, place the item if it does not fit into one and two category into your regular waste receptacle.

Cleaning your home and keeping green as your theme. Use products that have been certified as safe for your families and also the environment. Natural cleaners such as baking soda, sea salt, lemon juice, vinegar, microfiber towels, and making your own scouring powders makes cleaning possible while being green.

To add some aromatherapy to the home, essential oils can be added to several items to provide a clean or relaxing atmosphere for your home and family. There are several webpages that have information to help you make the proper recipe for the job.

St. Valentine’s Day being right around the corner brightens the month of February.

Think about making homemade Valentines with family using household items that might have been recycled. Trash to treasure is the theme and who doesn’t like a homemade valentine.

Valentine’s Day is also a heart smart month, which makes all of us think about exercise and getting heart healthy activities in our lives. The beginning of the year there are many health clubs or fitness centers that have great rates to help with that.

Giving blood is another activity to consider in the winter as many blood banks are in dire need of supply. Giving from the heart to another heart is a great idea of caring and re-using blood which is a precious gift.

Events for 2018:

There will be several events that Grundy County Land Use will host for this year. There will be two shredding events in April and September, Trashformation sculpture competition for the youth of Grundy County, wind farm tour for fifth-graders, tire collection in July, information sent to Green environmentally conscious teachers, and the toy drive.

We thank you Grundy County for being great steward of our planet by practicing the 4 Rs of Reducing, Recycling, Reusing, and Respecting the Earth! Please let me know if you should have any questions. You may contact me (Heidi Miller) at either 815-941-3229 or hmiller@grundyco.org.

• Heidi H. Miller is the Land Use director for Grundy County. Community Pulse is a weekly column that provides a dedicated space for Grundy County-area nonprofits, schools, organizations and sometimes Morris Herald-News staff to share news and information about their organization.